Proprietary game ecosystems
A world is an instance of the APWars Arcadia Expansion player's ecosystem where players can buy pieces of land to construct foundations such as Villages.
World creation:
To create a world you will need a council composed by three members holders of a society ring.
Also you will be required the World Ticket to create a world, these can be bought with wLAND.
World Owner:
As an World Owner you will be able to harvest all the benefits from your player base:
You will be able to create a coin, that will name wCOIN for the sake of didactics.
You will receive 8% of all wCOIN emissions at your address.
You will receive 50% of the Clan fee every time a new Clan is created.
You will receive 50% of the fees in wLAND every time a land is bought in your world.
You will receive 40% of the fee for foundation improvement.
You will receive 1% of the deposit fee every time someone deposits funds is a Clan pool in your world.
Sky view of a Arcadian World
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