APWars Clans


A Clan is a collective organization that play a role at a world domination scheme. It serves to organize attacks, protect Villages and synchronize resource trading between players.

Clan formation

To create a clan you will need a council composed by three members holders of a society ring.

Also you will be required the Clan Ticket to create a clan, these can be bought with wLAND.

Clan Master

As a clan master you will receive:

A fee of your choice for each Village that joins your clan.

A Deposit fee of 0.5% for every deposit in your clan's deposit fee.

Clan's Liquidity Pools

A clan receives a proportion of the world currency according to the amount of liquidity that it can collective stake at a clan pool. The more liquidity a clan can raise and sustain the more rewarded it will be.

Clan emblems: