The Global Events

The Global Events:

The Global Events are a list of circumstances that can take place in a weekly basis, except on the week of The Celebration Festival, if a demanded tribute is not send to the FEDs address within a specific timeframe. The tribute is demanded during one week and the random consequence can take place in the following week.


The current tribute is the total amount of 100.000 wGOLD


5% - Reduction in a permanent global gold production by 1%
5% - Reduce gold production by 20% for 24 hours
5% - FED receives 100% of the emission of the devs for 24h.
5% - Nothing happens.
20% - Increase the reward in the wGOLD/BUSD pool by 20%.
20% - Stop troop production of Corp faction for 24 hours.
20% - Stop troop production of Degen faction for 24 hours.
20% - Stop Production for both troops for 24 hours.


What if a tribute sent in a timeframe is less than the demanded amount?

The consequence will not be avoided for the week in question and the sent amount will accumulate and count as tribute to the next week.

Is there a way to stop the consequence after it has passed?

Yes but a sum of wGOLD corresponding to twice the the amount of the tribute should be paid to the FED.