APWars is the most innovative gamified farming protocol on BSC with the best and most fun APRs in DeFi.

An introduction to APWars

APWars 2021 is a highly anticipated gamified farming protocol that combines fantasy with stellar blockchain features, bringing secular gaming experience to contemporary technology; APWars includes composite farming, token battles, NFTs, swaps and, innovation through gamified war lottery, in a single place, to produce and unparalleled APR earning opportunities.

Swap and stake

These are the most common and traditionally known features for every farming protocol. APWars leverages the stability of Pancake Swap, where you can seamlessly interact with it to trade and to gain tokens from liquidity pools.

War Gold (wGOLD)

The wGOLD is the core token of APWars. Through it liquidity is channeled to all other tokens. With wGOLD you can foster loyal troops or hire mercenaries.

Farming and composite farming

Like old-school addictive games, this game will have wars, tiers and eras. Within these you will be able to farm your army token in various ways. In the dawn of ages, the genesis of the first creatures will be very simple. By staking gold you will be able to attract and hire your first creatures. As technology and magic evolves you will need to gather stronger troops to send to battle. To create those, lesser minions can be combined to foster greater ones. Further farming dynamics will be revealed during the ages.

The Battle for Faction Supremacy

The never-ending existential war between the two factions, known as the "Corporation" (Corps) and the "Degenerates" (Degen) is a bloody combat from which only one winner can emerge. Factions clash their powers against one-another, where confrontation can result in causalities from both sides, the winner faction is announced. As in real life and other games, factors like morale and luck are brought back to this epic battle in the form of random decision cards that may influence the outcome War-heroes that won the war and survived to tell the story will have the opportunity to prove their worth once more by challenging the Forces of Extreme Darkness and earning unthinkable treasures.

The war against the Forces of Extreme Darkness

The blood-weary heroes that face the darkest of creatures will encounter great danger before casting evil away. They will have the chance to earn great wealth in tokens that are securely guarded by monsters. In this confrontation the war-heroes have the opportunity to win a quantity of the wGOLD guarded by the enemy. This opportunity is regulated by a random chance from 0% to 100% distributed to the troops proportionally to their power.

Legendary Relics (NFTs)

Epic battles generate passion, faith and fear. All those energies are materialized in legendary relics in form of Non Fungible Tokens. Some of those relics are so intense that they become items that produce practical effects in battle.

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